6 hours of coverage
Online Gallery
Print Release
30 Minute Engagement Session



8 hours of coverage
Online Gallery
Print Release
30 Minute Engagement Session
Second Photographer



10 hours of coverage
Online Gallery
Print Release
45 Minute Engagement Session
Second Photographer



2-5 Hours of Wedding Photography Coverage
Travel Costs
Online Gallery
Print Release
Add Ons Available

Starting at $600



6 people or less
Dogs welcome
Online album
Print Release
8 x 10 Print



45-60 minutes
2-3 outfits
Small Client Closet to borrow from
Immediate Family welcome
Online Gallery
Print Release


Ready to Capture your Moments?

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you shoot destination weddings?

Absolutely! In fact, I give a discounted package price for a destination wedding!

Will there be a second shooter?

Two of my packages come with a second shooter included. There is also a chance to get a second shooter for my base package, but they will not be a paid second shooter and may be a novice.

Can I extend the session on the day of?

As long as I have no sessions booked immediately following yours, I'm happy to extend the session. I'll accept payment at the time of extension and will request in writing an agreement upon the terms of the extension.

What kind of gear do you use?

I use only the best! I love my gear and take very good care of it. Nikon professional is my current set of camera bodies and lenses and I truly believe it is the photographer knowing their gear and how to work it that makes all the difference in quality!

Do I have to order prints through you?

Not at all! I provide my clients with a non-commercial print release, meaning you get to print and share your photos without paying me anything extra. The only restrictions with this print release are that you cannot edit your own photos, which includes extreme cropping and filters from Instagram and other social media outlets, also that you cannot sell the photos to make money off of them in any way, and lastly credit must be given to the photographer as copyright owner.

Can I borrow a dress for my Maternity session?

I have a small but growing client closet to choose from. There is a white dress seen in the photos on my maternity page, a black lacey dress, the purple dress, and one other dress that has a split in the front that allows you to show off the bare belly. I am constantly keeping my eyes open for more beautiful dresses and will continue to add to this closet.

Can I request a studio session?

There are a few studios in the area that offer rental per hour. For any session booked in studio, the studio fee would be passed to you and would be a minimum of two hours to provide us enough time to get set up and truly use the space to it's fullest. This will allow you the best bang for your buck and not leave us feeling rushed to get in and get out.

The Studio fee will be non-refundable as the space must be booked ahead of time and they keep all fees even if the group using it must cancel.