You'll only have this day once in your lifetime. Even if this is your second or third or more, you'll still only have this once, with this person whom you are about to join in marriage. This is the day that you work vigorously to plan. The day that all of your details, right down to the polish on your toes, get put together and make the little things that tie all of the bits of this day together. You absolutely need someone on your side that will make sure not a detail is missed, a moment, a memory of a loved one, the first look, the kiss, the dance, the cake, the flower girl dancing with the ring bearer... all of the moments that you will do everything in your power to mentally bask in on this day. Your day will go by fast and you need someone like me, who will not let one of those precious moments slip by without a still frame shot of the magic.

I'm the girl for the job. You will be able to enjoy each of those moments as they happen and not feel an ounce like reaching for your phone for a photo of it, or tapping a friend to ask them to capture it for you before it floats away. I've got you covered. If you like my style and think we'll be a good fit, I'd love to have the honor of being a part of your Wedding Day entourage.

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